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Selfish Beauty

When it comes to Beauty, it's okay to be Selfish!

Slimming and Firming Treatment


Imagine achieving your dream body laying down without having to sweat your shirt at the gym?

This treatment is capable of wasting and breaking down body fat. Different adjustments allow the practitioner to target cellulite, sagging skin, lymph drainage, breaking down of body fat, cellulite, and body building. Only ten minutes is equivalent to 400 sit-ups. A series of treatments will redefine contours and provide measurable inche loss.

For better results this treatment is recommended three times a week. Available per session or as package.

Only ten minutes is equivalent to 400 sit-ups!

  • Spot reducing in specific body locations
  • Body shaping and muscle toning
  • Lifting and tightening of loose or wrinkled skin
  • Firmer lifted buttocks, toned stomach, slimmer and tighter legs
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Circumference reduction
  • Increase in stamina & endurance
  • Improved muscle strength
  • Treatment of post-pregnancy body issues
  • Improved range of motion, flexibility, & balance
  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks & scarring
  • Increased metabolism & energy levels
  • Higher production of collagen & elastin
  • Cardiac pacemakers
  • Epilepsy
  • Metal implants
  • Skin irritation
  • Pregnancy.